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Will there even be room for Zachary Levi on Chuck this season?

The show seemingly adds a new guest star every day - from Linda Hamilton to Lou Ferrigno - a trend that is now continuing with the announcement that Bronson Pinchot will appear on the September 27 episode of the show.

The former Perfect Strangers actor will play Victor, a wannabe-matchmaker who Chuck meets at Milan's Fashion Week.

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Did anyone notice...

That Belita Moreno, who played Lydia, also played Mr. Twinkacetti's Wife in the first season? AND Sam Anderson who played Mr. Gorpley, played the bank teller when Balki went to get a savings account? I just noticed this! George Wyner who played Marvin, the guy who strapped the bomb to himself after not getting credit for a story Cousin Larry wrote for the chronicle, he played the psyciatrist in the episode "stress test" near the end of the series. I wonder if there were any other recurring actors with different characters for the show?!!
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So, I know a few of us got PS episodes from certain sites awhile ago, and there were some episodes that were left out. But if you're interested in watching the eps that weren't included with the packages some of us received, check out themaskedmypiot's YouTube channel. He/she appears to be updating regularly, and if I'm not mistaken, most of these are taken from actual TGIF broadcasts. Maybe summer reruns or something, IDK. Wherever they come from, I'm just glad themaskedmypiot is sharing these episodes. :D
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icons + wallpaper

Hi everyone, I'm new here :) Great to see a community dedicated to this show, you should all be applauded for spreading the PS love. Anyway, I made a few icons & a wallpaper which I thought might be appreciated here... and if anyone has any graphic requests you're welcome to ask; I'll have a crack at anything! I hope you like them! ♥

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